Sunday, June 19, 2011


I hope that you know that I don't like you any more
after I saw the real you I'm not sure if it's really you I adore
the more I think about you, the more my heart gets sore,
I should've stop from the start, now my heart is having an uproar

Some things are just too late,
so I try to trap my feelings for you in a gate,
a gate that's made is from love to hate,
but each time I see you, there's like a bait
to make me love you back
I don't know what to do,
I really need to get off this track
so in front of you I just act.

But am I lying to you or to myself?
As I avoid you, the more I move to the left
and try to get rid of this love that is still left
What the heck am I doing, I'm truly daft.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

where did you go, why did I let you go
questions i keep asking myself
even though there's no answer to it
I keep thinking as if there is
my mood swings like the flow of wind
it changes in seconds,
but it takes hours to cure,
nobody knows me the way I know me
well yeah, anything, sure.
Like seas they swept away,
But not my memories of you,
They stay there forever
without giving an answer
In each happiness, there's pain hiding inside
they crack, they break, they fall, they shatter,
hiding me emotions with laughter
what to do, what to do
I really cant decide.
I hid my tears from people
I kept it to myself
Day by day I tried to forget
but there's no way I wouldn't regret
Feeling down is what I'm used to
Maybe my emotions aren't true for you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A lit up candle
In a bright room
A book
In a library

A grain of sand
At a beach

A drop of tear
Full of emotions
In a puddle of water
While its raining heavily

A wave
In an ocean
Swept away by waves.

A star
In the sky
At night

A lit up candle
In a bright room


Monday, December 20, 2010

Walking these streets
Surrounded by strangers
Trying to hide the pain
Although its significant

I call out your name
hoping you'd answer
but only echoes I hear .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was 1:55 AM
Soaked wet by my own tears
As if walking in the rain
Passing through old memories
Fade, Disappear, Lost, Disillusion .

Attempt .

That's what I remember

Watching you secretly at school is the only thing I could do
I can't face you upfront
or even say a simple hi
that's just a barrier I can't pass by.

as I sleep below the moonlight,
I grasp my pillow tighter as I think of you
Tears flow down my face,
as I am lying to myself
about dreams that just can't come true
that is you.

It makes me jealous seeing you talking to other people
How I hope me and you could talk too
but each time I try to
the next thing i'll see is your back
walking away

As wind blows your hair
I only could stop and stare .
It was early November
That's what I remember.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honesty for Sympathy.

The sound of the raindrops,
Dark clouds cover the stars and the moon,
But the moon insist to shine its reflected light,
Maybe its telling that we're not alone.

2 lies and 1 fact,
Lies making the fact disguisable,
But the fact stays there as a sign of honesty.

Maybe the act of being honest has gone in this generation,
And maybe I tell lies too,
It looks like what Billy Joel said was true.

Such a lonely word,
Everyone is so untrue.