Monday, December 20, 2010

Walking these streets
Surrounded by strangers
Trying to hide the pain
Although its significant

I call out your name
hoping you'd answer
but only echoes I hear .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was 1:55 AM
Soaked wet by my own tears
As if walking in the rain
Passing through old memories
Fade, Disappear, Lost, Disillusion .

Attempt .

That's what I remember

Watching you secretly at school is the only thing I could do
I can't face you upfront
or even say a simple hi
that's just a barrier I can't pass by.

as I sleep below the moonlight,
I grasp my pillow tighter as I think of you
Tears flow down my face,
as I am lying to myself
about dreams that just can't come true
that is you.

It makes me jealous seeing you talking to other people
How I hope me and you could talk too
but each time I try to
the next thing i'll see is your back
walking away

As wind blows your hair
I only could stop and stare .
It was early November
That's what I remember.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honesty for Sympathy.

The sound of the raindrops,
Dark clouds cover the stars and the moon,
But the moon insist to shine its reflected light,
Maybe its telling that we're not alone.

2 lies and 1 fact,
Lies making the fact disguisable,
But the fact stays there as a sign of honesty.

Maybe the act of being honest has gone in this generation,
And maybe I tell lies too,
It looks like what Billy Joel said was true.

Such a lonely word,
Everyone is so untrue.

Monday, June 21, 2010


You try hard to be yourself,
You tried to be someone else,
Felt like being trapped in a tear,
Made of nature but filled with mirrors,
While you realize you're daft up alone here.

The hate in your head,
Voices of the dead,
Maybe this is,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Im Not Here

You came to my dream and shined like a star
I tried to reach you even though I didnt know who you are
I tried to chase you but you're just damn far

Feeling like a stub
I tried to give up

But my heart beated 165 per minute
And it suddenly felt like the world just mute
Now this isnt right
I know its not right aight'

Then It Stopped.

Felt like I had a mental disorder
Schizophrenia maybe, hysteria?
or just plain bipolar,

I know your still there
Now 10 meters away and you just stood and stare
I cried out for help
But you didnt even know who I am

Its like I was missing from the world the whole time
But you were never missing in front of my eyes
I tried to stand
Gravity just pulls me back down

Maybe Im plain stupid
Or my intelligence is above all the normal rate
Or maybe I just like you
But thats logically not logic

Allah, help me in my time of need.

Gloomy Loneliness

Is there anyone who could get rid of the pain
Is there anyone who could cure all my scars
Im afraid of being lonely
Im afraid of getting forgotten

I tried picking up, piece by piece
Getting it all back together wasnt hard at all
But maintaining it kills me from the inside
No, im okay, Yes, it doesnt hurt,
Really, it is the end

The last thing you said to me
"Its like you're there but your soul isnt"
When its sad, Im sad too
When it hurts, Im hurt too
My Frozen heart aches and tells me that this maybe the last beat
It is really the end.