Friday, May 7, 2010

Im Not Here

You came to my dream and shined like a star
I tried to reach you even though I didnt know who you are
I tried to chase you but you're just damn far

Feeling like a stub
I tried to give up

But my heart beated 165 per minute
And it suddenly felt like the world just mute
Now this isnt right
I know its not right aight'

Then It Stopped.

Felt like I had a mental disorder
Schizophrenia maybe, hysteria?
or just plain bipolar,

I know your still there
Now 10 meters away and you just stood and stare
I cried out for help
But you didnt even know who I am

Its like I was missing from the world the whole time
But you were never missing in front of my eyes
I tried to stand
Gravity just pulls me back down

Maybe Im plain stupid
Or my intelligence is above all the normal rate
Or maybe I just like you
But thats logically not logic

Allah, help me in my time of need.

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