Monday, December 20, 2010

Walking these streets
Surrounded by strangers
Trying to hide the pain
Although its significant

I call out your name
hoping you'd answer
but only echoes I hear .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was 1:55 AM
Soaked wet by my own tears
As if walking in the rain
Passing through old memories
Fade, Disappear, Lost, Disillusion .

Attempt .

That's what I remember

Watching you secretly at school is the only thing I could do
I can't face you upfront
or even say a simple hi
that's just a barrier I can't pass by.

as I sleep below the moonlight,
I grasp my pillow tighter as I think of you
Tears flow down my face,
as I am lying to myself
about dreams that just can't come true
that is you.

It makes me jealous seeing you talking to other people
How I hope me and you could talk too
but each time I try to
the next thing i'll see is your back
walking away

As wind blows your hair
I only could stop and stare .
It was early November
That's what I remember.